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Struggling to get a loan as you don’t have the required paperwork? A low doc home loan from the Gold Coast mortgage brokers at Aquallis Finance may be the answer. 

If your income cannot be verified by the standard means or documentation that a lender requires, don’t be discouraged and walk away from your dreams of homeownership. A low doc home loan offers an alternative way to secure a loan.

At Aquallis Finance, we can support you through this process and help you enter the property market sooner than you think.

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What Are Low Doc Loans?

Low doc loans are loans that utilise alternate income verification documentation than a standard loan (full doc home loan). If you are self-employed or freelance and cannot provide more conventional proof of income such as payslips or standard tax returns, this type of loan may work for you. 

Securing a low doc home loan on the Gold Coast can be confusing and complicated. Engaging the experts at Aquallis Finance simplifies the process and ensures that you access the most competitive home loan rates to match your situation.

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Types of Documentation Required

If you cannot provide the standard paperwork, what will be required? Most low doc or alt doc (alternative documentation) home loan applications will require some or all of the following:


Evidence of your business’s ABN registration – this must be at least 6 months old.


Evidence of GST registration – this also must be at least 6 months old


A statement of financial position.


6 months’ worth of bank statements (inclusive of the current month).


 6 months’ worth of Business Activity Statements (BAS).

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Are Low Doc Loans Competitive?

Low doc home loans on the Gold Coast may not always be as competitive as full doc loans. There are a few reasons why this is, but the overriding one is that you are considered higher risk by the lender. Without regular payslips and a consistent baseline income, many lenders will be concerned about your ability to service the loan.

That is not to say that all low doc loans will leverage a higher interest rate than a full doc loan. Ensuring you have a great credit history, decent deposit, evidence of any existing assets you own and the documentation you can supply can help avoid higher costs. 

Engaging the help of an experienced broker before applying for low doc loans on the Gold Coast is highly recommended. This ensures you are applying for the best loan with the highest chance of approval and not damaging your credit history through repeated applications.




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Self-employed Home Loans Gold Coast

 If you are seeking the most competitive self employed home loans on the Gold Coast, Aquallis Finance are here to help. We understand the challenges faced by being a self-employed when trying to enter the property market and are passionate about ensuring they do not miss out. We work happily alongside your accountant and within your schedule to minimise stress and enhance our understanding of your needs. 

At Aquallis Finance we have access to over 40 lenders, including the major banks and work closely with all our clients to tailor the ideal and most competitive loan solution for their needs. We know your financial situation and needs are unique and this is why your loan should be too. Based in Ormeau, we’ve helped business owners from the CoomeraPimpama,  surrounding northern Gold Coast suburbs.  

Don’t be put off from buying your dream home simply because you do not have the conventional paperwork. Speak with the experts at Aquallis Finance today on 0450 277 554 and learn more about low doc home loans on the Gold Coast. 

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